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Future development


Future Development-Innovative Products Secured the Constant Development

Innovative products:
We have a scientific research team, which develops the pollution-free artificial lawn and provides the "green" solutions.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection:
Our artificial turf is recyclable, meeting the low carbon & environment-friendly lifestyle. It is also suitable for the sustainable development of our enterprise. we will try our best to build a more natural and healthier environment.

Safety is always the most important for us. We provide powerful guarantees for the safety of the employees, property and production. 

Social responsibility


Social Responsibility-Social Responsibility is the First Responsibility of Enterprise

Care for Employees:
Employees are the cornerstone of a company's development, also the core of all enterprises management. Respecting employees, caring for employees, and helping their growth is a major responsibility of our company. We attach importance to invest in education and personnel training for every employee to let the staff grow up together with enterprise.

Quality Commitment:
All our sold products are accompanied by detailed quality pledge booklet. Consumer rights and interests of customers and dealers can be guaranteed according to the content of pledge booklet. In order to make all users use our products with more confidence, our product quality is underwritten by the People's Insurance Company of China Wuxi Branch. Besides, we expect more suggestions from our customers to make our products to be the best.

Social Public Welfare:
We are also keen on doing public welfare undertakings to promote the development of social public welfare. Such as the donating, disaster relief, etc.