First of all, thank you for choosing our products, and we promise you these:

1. According to the contract, we will check the lawns, including tufts, yarn height and yarn content.

2. We check the yarn color according to our sample.

3. In the 5 years of service guarantee, if the yarn color fade or yarn fall off greatly because of the quality problem, we will change the lawns free of charge.

4. In the 3 years, if it is necessary to change the lawns, especially the parts used frequently, we will change them just take the costs.

5. We will keep the service for 8 years for the imported-yarn lawns.

6. If the lawns were damaged due to the inappropriate use or installation, we will give you the maintenance suggestion for reference.

7. The guarantee is not applicable to these situations:
    Do the construction without the rules.
    Burn, cut, damage on purpose or abuse and accident or negligence
    Inappropriate and unqualified design of ground foundation
    Inappropriate shoes or sports equipments
    Use Chemical cleaning agents, herbicide and insecticides
    Due to the irresistible force
    Lawns have been worn by normal using.

8. If you want to claim compensation because of the quality problem during the guarantee time, please provide the paper information with production and installation date of the lawns, the samples of product and infill, also more than 3 pictures which can show the problem clearly and other evidence information.
Please send all the things to:
Room 501, No.5 Yongdeyuan, Jingouqiao Street, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, and P.R.CH

The compensation ask must be submitted in 30 days after finding the problem.
We will not pay for buyers or others to test, check or consult our products.
After the products' arrival, buyers must check all the products quickly. If buyers find any defects or anything not meet the requirements, please let us know in 30 days after products' arrival by written notification. Otherwise, we will not take any responsibilities.